Integrated Wellness Solutions

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These days employers are focusing their attention towards cost and healthcare benefits. Developing an effective health program for their employees will help companies:


•  Reduce Employee Turnover

•  Reduce Absenteeism & Disability

•  Reduce Health Care Costs

•  Improve Productivity and Morale in the workplace


Increasing benefit costs are a huge concern for companies, with stress-related illness as one of the most significant contributors to short term disability and long term disability claims. Companies have a vested interest in creating a culture that values and encourages health and vitality. Employees can reap many benefits from proactively managing their health. Physically and mentally healthy employees are critical to the productivity of any company.


We believe that the future for wellness in the workplace can start with your commitment today. Pilates is the leading strength training program adopted by companies worldwide. The basic principles of Pilates develop core strength, proper posture and spinal alignment creating an ergonomic body awareness necessary for daily function. Pilates is the answer to workplace wellness.

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See what clients have to say about our program:

"This is my first experience with Pilates and I love it! PilatesCircle is a lovely studio – bright, clean and spacious. And Thanh is a skilled instructor. She challenges her students with a positive attitude and good humour. I leave each class feeling energized and ready to tackle the day"

Maria Menechella - Niagara 21st Group Inc.

"I went to my first Pilates class with very low expectations. I, along with most men, thought that this was a class for women & that it would not do much for me. I was wrong! It was challenging the first day & it is still challenging today...Pilates has strengthened my core, improved my flexibility & improved my endurance... I am happy that I am taking Pilates & I will continue to do so for years to come...Thanh, you are an excellent instructor!”

Jonathan Bocquet, Service Supervisor       Grundfos Canada


"It has been my great pleasure to take Pilates Classes with Thanh Tran for the past year.  Thanh is a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor. Her attention to detail and ability to give precise directions have made this program a very enjoyable experience. Thanh has offered many directives which not only pertain to her lessons but can be used to improve your general well being and over all everyday living.  Personally her classes have made me more self aware and I use her techniques to improve my quality of life on a daily basis."

Helen Spaan, Credit Manager   Quickservice Technologies Inc.