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Client Testimonials

"This is my first experience with Pilates and I love it! PilatesCircle is a lovely studio – bright, clean and spacious. And Thanh is a skilled instructor. She challenges her students with a positive attitude and good humour. I leave each class feeling energized and ready to tackle the day"
Maria Menechella – Niagara 21st Group Inc.

"Joining PilatesCircle was the best thing that I could have done personally and for my professional career! For the last 5 years I have had arthritis in my right shoulder and sciatica or lower back pain and despite other treatments nothing would help. I was in pain whether I was out for a run or horseback riding with my family. There was no escaping it while at work either. As an esthetician I would having trouble lifting my arm by just the third client and I would be forced to cancel other clients because of the tremendous pain I was in. Pilates has given me back my mobility and increased my strength all around but most importantly I have no more bad pain! “

Laura Dent, Certified Esthetician - Simply Bodies Day Spa

"After 3 ½ years on crutches, I was skeptical about having the ability to perform well in Pilates. Thanh is full of positive energy and she made me believe that I could benefit from using the reformer and for the first time I had hope of recovery. Thanh is very knowledgeable which will aid my rehabilitation. Even with my physical limitations I find the reformer’s versatility and gliding tension system easy to use and of great long term benefit. Since joining PilatesCircle I’ve experienced increased strength, stability and stamina. I am beginning to regain some level of flexibility and mobility that I had lost since my date of injury. What I like most is that Thanh and Brian make me feel special, like an old friend coming home. I feel important to them."
Dawn Halliday

"The facility is clean, the atmosphere is peaceful and the Pilates leader is very knowledgeable. My initial assessment was very thorough and led to an excellent personalized program for me. I feel better overall and I am more flexible. The most important thing to me is that I can exercise without hurting my knees. I want to tell you that we, in Niagara Falls, are very fortunate to have your studio and expertise available to us.  I for one appreciate you setting up in Niagara and in the Falls in particular."
Maureen McRae - DOVETAIL Associates

"Love the studio. Very original design and very relaxing atmosphere… liked the adaptation to my injury (recover from a broken wrist) and take away exercises to do at home.  Pilates gets rid of pain and keeps you in great shape - very effective for fitness and rehab, in my case.  See you on my next trip!"
Kelly Merrett

Visitor from Paris, France

"I was searching for a local Pilates studio in Niagara Falls for my daughter and we found PilatesCircle. My daughter and I had a great first meeting with Thanh to review the benefits of Pilates and how it would specifically help our 11 year old's dance. We were told that Pilates would improve her posture and energy level, help her achieve greater flexibility and strength. She would also learn how to breathe correctly, reduce stage anxiety and stress, and increase her concentration, focus and self-confidence.  It will be one year since we joined PilatesCircle and I can say with confidence that my daughter has experienced all of these positive changes while training with Thanh. In addition she has excelled in her competitive dance and has placed first in her last 3 competitions. She loves training with Thanh and really likes the studio. Every parent should at least try out Pilates for their children at an early age so it can be enjoyed over a lifetime.”

Anonymous Mother who understands the benefits of Pilates

"You guys are great! Looks like you have it all figured out. Congratulations on a job well done! What I liked most was the overall experience. I love the convenient location, and the different times and dates classes are available. I love the calmness of the atmoshphere the studio gives. About the personal attention Thanh gives her clients: She is very attentive to the needs of her clients. If there is a specific area you would like to focus on, or avoid, she is there to personalize your workout to ensure the best results. This is my first time doing Pilates and I had no idea how slightly changing a position could have such an impact. I have worked out with personal trainers at other gyms and I have never felt my body be as pushed or challenged as it is now."
Michelle Kassam

"What I liked best about your services was the friendly atmosphere, flexible class changes and Thanh is always trying to accommodate. I went on vacation for 2 weeks – not a problem with making up classes. We went right into the next session – everything worked out perfectly. Since joining PilatesCircle the biggest benefit has been body toning, improved flexibility – love the reformer classes!”
Andrea Marshall

"This is my first experience with Pilates and having the opportunity to put myself in the hands of a professional instructor like Thanh. It has only been 4 months since joining PilatesCircle but I have never felt as I do now.  I am much calmer and my stress level has completely done a 180. Thanh is patient with me and takes her time to ensure that I am not hurting myself but at the same time getting results. Her understanding of what I need has been so vital to the success I have had with Pilates. PilatesCircle has also been very accommodating with my personal life schedule and I really appreciate it. Looking forward to days and months ahead!"

Elaine DeAngelis

"I like how each session is personal and designed to my needs. I purchased a 20 session package and already feel stronger. You work your muscles in a way that you could never do on your own. A friendly and very comfortable atmosphere – it is an amazing hour all to myself. It is something I think everyone should try. Thanh’s expertise in Pilates and the way the body works is amazing. I absolutely love everything about the studio, the sessions and the teacher. I am so glad I found PilatesCircle."
Tania Drake

"Thanh is a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor who makes the sessions enjoyable. She is a wonderful person and cares about you reaching your goals. I enjoy all my workouts with Thanh. It is a comfortable environment and the workouts are challenging but they are gentle on your joints. There are no heavy weights to lift but you still get a full body workout. I have had surgery on both my knees and I have back problems but I feel myself getting stronger and have less pain in the knees and back. I am also starting to feel better in general, sleep better, not as sluggish during the day and I actually look forward to going to Pilates whereas I dreaded going to the gym. I think it’s wonderful.”
Brenda Forrester

"I like the location, class times, cleanliness and challenging exercises. Since joining I have experienced a leaner and tighter core while learning that less is more when doing reps and adapting to personal resistance training."
Angela Fong Clarke


"What I like most about PilatesCircle are their small individualized classes and the studio’s willingness to accommodate scheduling conflicts. One of the biggest benefits with taking the reformer class has been my improved strength and flexibility."
Paige DiMercurio



"The friendly and encouraging atmosphere is great. The reformer classes are an amazing challenge and I can feel my core getting stronger with every session. PilatesCircle is very accommodating. If I’ve needed to switch my classes to another day, Thanh was always great with that. "

Jennifer Cormier

PilatesCircle offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with one-on-one coaching in a small classroom setting.  The one-on-one focus that Thanh has with her students ensures that they are in proper form at all times. Her friendly, soft spoken demeanour is so welcoming that it makes me look forward to each class every time. I especially enjoy when she really challenges us making us push extra harder with certain exercises. I also very much enjoy using the various Pilates equipment as it keeps the classes interesting.  I feel like I have gained more strength and I am challenging myself more with each exercise. I am beginning to notice lean muscles in my upper body which is what I am looking for since I am preparing for my upcoming wedding and am baring my shoulders and arms. My pants are starting to fit me better as well. More room! If I could attend Thanh’s class 5 days a week I would. Thank you for making my experience wonderful with each visit. Keep up the amazing work guys!
Teresa Klacl