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Golf. Even the name of this sport evokes a sense of calm and leisure. But golfers know how difficult the game is to play. Success hinges on the swing. The perfect golf swing requires balance, stability, strength, flexibility and power – all in a split second, and consistently for 18 holes.

To improve, players need a golf training program that will produce the greatest results in the most efficient amount of time. With its focus on core strength, flexibility, stability and balance, Pilates is a great tool for golf fitness. It can improve the biomechanics of a player's golf swing and help prevent the types of injuries that plague golfers.

Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a serious athlete, our Pilates-based sports conditioning can dramatically improve your overall performance while reducing chances of injury. A movement as complex as a golf swing requires focus, strength, flexibility, balance, and power from the ground up. We will increase your focus and body awareness, isolating crucial core muscles and combining the elements of strength with flexibility.

Of all the professional athletes training with Pilates, golfers have adapted to it the fastest. Pilates Golf disciples include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rocco Mediate, David Duval, Annika Sorenstam and Kelli Kuehne. 

     Benefits of the PilatesCircle Golf Conditioning:

  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Strengthens Core Muscles
  • Alleviates Pain and Tension
  • Restores Natural Posture and Alignment of the Body
  • Improves Stability, Balance and Spinal Mobility
  • Increases Stamina

Pilates is a technique for moving in a way that is the most natural, efficient and pain free.  Best of all you will take these techniques right out onto the course.