Does Insurance Cover Pilates?

When Pilates is performed as part of your physical therapy rehabilitation, it can be billed through most major insurances

At PilatesCircle we believe your health should come first. We take care of the paperwork so you can focus on getting better, plus we offer direct insurance billing, saving you time and up-front costs.

Our services are covered by most extended health insurance companies, auto insurance, work safety insurance board (WSIB), and in some cases Veterans Affairs and Medicare - such as OHIP (Ontario).

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Did you know?

STOTT PILATES® is a powerfully effective and non-invasive therapy for injury clients. Most clients find extreme relief from pain and an overwhelming sense of empowerment while recovering from trauma and injury experienced in automobile and other accidents. Pilates is often the first and only non-passive therapy a client may experience in their entire healing process and is often the most permanently effective tool because it addresses and strengthens the body as a cohesive unit. Pilates strengthens core musculature while promoting new neuromuscular patterns. Pilates decompresses the neck and back while addressing deterioration of joint range of motion and muscular flexibility most clients experience from trauma. Oxygenation and circulation of the body all combine in the healing process. Pilates addresses specific site injury while rehabilitating the body to support this process.

Each session is modified to meet the individual needs of the injury client and is continually addressed through the progressive healing process. Most of each therapy session is experienced lying down, kneeling, sitting or in non-stressing postures with continual hands on direction and encouragement by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

These clients experience profound results and progress with consistent one hour sessions done twice weekly. Clients become aware of their bracing patterns and imbalances while developing more insight into dealing with these incorrect patterns and pain issues in their everyday lives. They willingly do “homework” exercises and learn pain-relieving tips to use at home and work in-between sessions.

PilatesCircle utilizes specialized equipment that offers resistance for muscle strengthening while balancing muscular force at the joint. Pilates stimulates circulation while facilitating muscular flexibility, joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment. New neuromuscular patterns, heightened body awareness and more precise co-ordination and endurance are experienced with consistent decrease in pain levels. Breath-work is integral during the sessions, enabling many clients to quickly become aware of holding patterns, holding their breath, shallow breath to avoid pain and compensatory movement as well. Many clients experience a release of trauma held in the body related to the accident, enabling them to progress more readily. Mild brain injury clients also experience benefits relating to their neuromuscular patterns and body co-ordination. The carefully performed, deeply coordinated movements combine with breath work to forge a quicker healing and reconnection of the brain and body.

PilatesCircle personalized sessions prepare clients before needed surgery relating to injury and are powerfully effective in shortening rehabilitation time after surgery as well. Pilates is a wonderful complement to or after physical therapy and in conjunction with chiropractic, massage therapy, biofeedback, TMJ care and most other therapies related to injury. Many clients come to Pilates at the end of the road after they try everything else but cannot resolve their pain issues. Without exception, they all experience improvement. Pilates is highly effective anytime during the recovery/healing process and can cut rehabilitation time significantly, as well as the number of therapies attended for long periods of time. Many clients state that they have consistent diminished pain and such a steady return to pre-injury status and that they would rather give up other therapies and monetary compensation rather than stop Pilates. When clients return to pre-injury status, Pilates is effective as a preventative to re-injury and may also be used as a fitness routine to maintain their progress.

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